Gaia's Palms Self Love - Rose Quartz Breast Massager
$ 40.00

Gaia's Palms Self Love - Rose Quartz Breast Massager

Gaias Palms Crystal Breast Massagers are amazing tools for connecting with your breasts

Rose quartz - Rose Quartz awakens and strengthens our sense of beauty. We cannot possibly hope to be able to accept the love of other people if we do not love ourselves. Love is important for everybody, especially for those who are engaged in spiritual development and self growth. When we do not love ourselves entirely, it is a sign that we are hurt inside, and this wound will always work from inside until we have cured it. Rose quartz is an excellent helper crystal - enabling and facilitating healing of our troubled emotional body.

However, Rose quartz is not always a soft and gentle stone. It can go deep into our subconscious mind in search of stored blockages and pains that need to be cleansed. This stone can help us release the suppressed emotions, ease the emotional pain and soothe sorrow and sadness.

Health traditions such as Taoist and Ayurvedic medicine encourage the regular practice of breast massage.
Breast massage enhances the bust, relieves PMS, heals mastitis, releases toxins from your body, promotes positive mood, and even prevents cancer. Breast massage aids in the decreasing stress, increases oxytocin, firms the skin, speeds metabolism and so much more!!

Most importantly these can aid in the connection of a woman with her breasts as a form of pleasure and self nourishment as opposed to merely doing a self exam monthly due to clinical reasons. Women need to learn to love ourselves, not merely examine ourselves for problems.

Not intended to treat or cure any disease. Take care of yourself all crystals don't resonate with all women. Discontinue use if case of irritation or discomfort.